Optimizing Social Networks to Drive Traffic

In today's business world, social networks are a way for small, medium and large organizations to reach their target audience. There are over 100 social network websites and blogs available on the World Wide Web (www) with millions of users across the globe today. Facebook, for example, is just one of many social networks available to market products and services. By the year 2020 more than 50 percent of Internet users, in the United States of America alone, will be using mobile devices to access Facebook as organizations have already been generating profits from mobile ads on Facebook. That is why marketers today, and in the future, need to stay up-to-date with innovative marketing trends being used through social networks to sustain competitive advantage and to remain marketable for the future.

Twitter is another example of a social network where organizations will profit from branding products and services by reaching their target audience. Marketers will also gain a return on investment (ROI) on advertising by using and maintaining a business Twitter account. Twitter is a social network platform where bloggers, consumers and even journalists go to express their opinions on any given subject, current and flash news or products and services. Overall, the type of information posted on a business Twitter account will help drive traffic to a business website and business blog because of the myriads of users who are registered on social network platforms, which in return promotes business brands.

There are millions of users who post and/or view information posted on social networks worldwide, continuously, such as Twitter, either in a form of written content, images or videos. Marketers today are live-streaming as well through videos, among using other advertising tools such as apps like Marketing 360, polls and other types of imaging and auto-tagging to track analytics.

Optimizing business Twitter accounts will drive traffic so that people are driven to review information about an organization and its products and services. Some other strategies include implementing an algorithm for setting rules, engagement and matching content in advertising data using computers, the Internet and the social media. Another way of optimizing a business Twitter account is writing an informative company biography with a profile image of an organization's brand. Photos, videos and a header images will also optimize a business Twitter account and help drive traffic to a business blog or a website URL.

In addition to linking an organization's website and blog from Twitter, direct messaging and chats is a form of communication as engagement with people and other businesses will accrue followers. This type of strategy will lead to word-of-mouth marketing as followers will spread the word to others about your organization, products and services. Customer service is also an essential, especially to answer questions that people have about products and services. Therefore, location and time of operation of a business is also recommended on social networks to drive business.

There are other marketing tools and strategies for social networks to drive traffic, such as pinning tweets to the top of businesses' social network pages. Software applications such as chatbots and bots, including hashtags, emojis and widgets.

Remember, change passwords periodically to avoid being hacked. Being on, and having a list to organize events that an organization has planned will also optimize a social network.